Apr 12, 2010

Yo.... Here we are....

Hello Insister-ites....

News has been a bit slow lately.. but here we go....

Recording has been on hold as we search for technical stuff and I have been travelling.. so.. hopefully all will be back on track.

We recorded some tracks late last year which we were not that happy with vocally or arrangement wise such as Losers Clown, Cry and one or two others.... so we are looking at re-recording those.

Our fav mixing studio has changed hands so we will be looking at that or finding another...

The feedback from our last Privately Live show was great and some peeps have emailed me with song requests... wadda ya think.. have you any to add to the list of consideration of should it be kept more or less original songs with other stuff ....?? Let me know

So sorry for the delay in catching up with all of you.. but hang in there.... the cd when finished will be cool...

Love and hugs


1 comment:

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